In my very first blog on this post, I described my first academic/MtG crossover, presenting at a conference on Post-Patriarchial Masculinities in London in 2019. Since then I’ve also presented work related to MtG as part of the Digital Holocaust Memory panel series, exploring issues relating to the alt-right (and thus indirectly, holocaust denial) in gaming spaces.

That post-patriarchal masculinities conference resulted in a book edited by the organisers, Dan Artus, Amir Massoumian and Nikki Van der Gaag, called Patriarchies in Practice: Are Post-Patriarchal Masculinities Possible?, which will be published by Bloomsbury, hopefully later this year. For which I contributed a chapter:

Misogyny, fear, or boundary maintenance? Responses to brand activism on gender diversity amongst players of Magic: The Gathering

The title of my chapter in Patriarchies in Practice

I’m sharing a draft of my chapter here, which with the help and input of Dan and Amir was shortened for the final book. I had to cut a lot of the text on brand activism, which led to a much tighter – and hopefully more readable – chapter, but I’m including the longer draft here, in case anyone is interested.