The Social Science of Magic the Gathering

A Blog by a Magic Player, who's an academic in her 'real' life

About me and this site

Ceri Taylor is a UK-based competitive Magic the Gathering player. Dr Ceri Oeppen is a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Sussex. We’re the same person!

When I first started playing Magic, I didn’t want to merge my new hobby and work in the way I’m interested in doing now (hence, the different surnames). But as I became more involved in the Magic-playing community, I realised that so much of my academic work (particularly on transnational communities, exclusion and belonging) was relevant to some of the things I see in Magic-playing communities and gaming/esports communities more generally.

So this blog is my attempt to merge these two aspects of my life. Expect a (perhaps eclectic) mix of comment pieces and tournament reports, interspersed with pieces linking Magic to my academic work. I imagine my ‘day job’ will mean I don’t have much time to update things here, but I’ll try and add things when I can!

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